[LOH #151] Benefits I Enjoy Being In Ladies Of Hive

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Hello friends. Happy new week. I wish you all an amazing week ahead.
It's another edition of the @ladiesofhive weekly prompt. Do well to join here.
All thanks to @thekittygirl for bringing such wonderful topics.

When I joined hive I saw this community @ladiesofhive, and ever since then, I have been befitted so many things. So glad to have a community of the same gender who comes together to support , teach.


To the leaders of this community who gave us this initiative of creating and building this community, here's a big thank you ♥ ️. You have positively affected and made me grow here on hive. Here's some of the benefits I have enjoyed since I joined this community.

Receiving token:
@ladiesofhive has a token called LOH. I am a beneficiary of that token. When ever I post, i am given the token for posting and currently having over 100+ of token. Because of the belief I have for the community I have decided to hold a token and earn more which I know in years time it will be worth more.
Receiving the token when I join the weekly prompt acts as a form of encouragement to participants and that makes me never want to miss any week.

Meet new friends:
If you're a consistent member of hive you must surely meet friends from different places and this community is a great place where I meet a lot of women. We create an atmosphere of love. And to my special friend @elizabethbit I also met her in this community.

Support each other:
This community has built great support for each other. In our discord server we make sure we support someone's post before pasting links. This support helps in building newbies who join.

Makes me a better blogger:
The regular weekly contest has helped me in my blogging skills. I try to join and write about these topics and my experience. Also read other people's posts and learn a lot. Most topics are related to female life so it makes it easier for me to learn and write and learn from other people's experiences.

Thank you for reading

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