[LOH #150] Women In History In My Country

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There are great women in history that have set a good pace and name to follow. We were born and we heard these names in history. No matter the inequality still in the society they have known that they are capable and have laid a good legacy for me and other young ladies. These womens are not only known in my country but internationally.

I really hope to meet one of them one day if fate allows. One of them is a woman called Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. This woman is a well respected person in my country. Not only that, she also proves that women do well in politics and business.

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She has served in my country as the woman to be minister of finance and foreign affairs and also a director general of the world trade organization.
Not only is she a Nigerian, she has made Africa (my continent) by being the first African and first woman to break such a record internationally.

No history book in my country or successful women in my country can be mentioned without her topping the list. She's indeed a role model and a mentor to many women out there.
Other woman in history chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who is well well known international writer and has written different books.

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