[LOH #148] Balancing Work Life And Life

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Happy Sunday buddy. I hope you are doing just fine. A new week starts today and @ladiesofhive is already out with an amazing prompt for the week. Do well to participate here

Being the breadwinner of a family is not an easy task. Especially a woman being in that situation where she lost her husband or having a husband who recently lost his job. It really can be draining physically, mentally and financially and you will have to work twice as much as you should when you have a supporter.


Balancing work life, family and life is very important so as not to make one suffer. Well, with the right plan you have to balance them. You need money for the family and also the children need you too. Giving attention to one side can have a great effect on the other. You also need a life outside work where you have fun and take care of your health. If you risk your health at work, you lose both your health and work. That's why balancing everything is important.

Prioritize self-care:
Take time to do what you love. It can be your hobby or exercise. This can be done at the weekend or at least taking leave from work and going on a vacation.
When work is over, avoid any work-related thing that would distract you from having your personal time for yourself and family.

Make a plan:
Making plans doesn't have to be related to finance. You can make a daily plan that helps you work toward the schedule for the day. The plan should allocate specific time for work and family and strictly follow those plans you made.


If you find out that your work is over stressing you, do well to talk to your boss or someone about it. If he doesn't adjust you can possibly find another job that would give you time for yourself too.
You deserve that YOU time.


To all the breadwinners and sole provider of a family be it a male or female am just trying to say you got it and I hope everything works out just fine. Remember to take a break too.

Thank you for reading

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