[LOH #144] Dealing With Partner's Violence

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Many women in relationships and marriages are passing through abuse. They are silent and endure those abuses because of what the society will say, because of their children or because they are scared of being divorced or single. This silence may even lead to their death if not handled early.
Abuse can be in different ways: verbally, mentally, and physically (Beating).


I see no reason why a woman would be in an abusive marriage and never tell anyone about it. I think it's too dangerous and she's digging her grave.

How to deal with violence from partner

  • Report the violence:

It is your right to report the abuse to someone. It may be a higher authority. His parents or older siblings. If the abuse persists, it is no crime to report to the police. You can't handle this alone, talk to someone about it and listen to good advice.

  • Prioritize your safety:

When he starts being violence it is advisable to leave that place, house or environment for that particular time. You don't have to fight back or exchange words with the abuser. This way you protect yourself from the worst incident.

  • Talk to a therapist:

In most cases of abuse, it is good to contact a professional that deals with emotion. If possible go to the therapist with him, maybe that can help him with anger issues.

This post answers the question intimate partner violence

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