[LOH#134] How I Became A Financial Planner

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Good to have you visit my blog today. It's another episode of the @ladiesofhive weekly prompt. It feels good to engage in this. All thanks to @justclickindiva for introducing such amazing subjects.

Like they say Experience is a wonderful teacher. I used to be the sort of unnecessary spender without planning.
Immediately money enters my palm. I go for trivial items and when the required or important thing comes up. It's either am broke and beg for aid someplace else.


I learned to be an amazing financial planner after I was scammed over $250 last year on a project. I would have listened to my intuition and withdrawn my cash and retained simple interest but then I was too greedy.
Another factor that helped become a financial planner was when I stopped getting the monthly stipend my dad provided me. When my brother gained admission things at home became harder since we are three at university.

The monthly allowance was now split and combined with the inflation, it isn't enough for me even a week. I have to acquire the concept of planning when it comes to money. While I attempt to save some money even though it's challenging for students. I put aside some cash for my books, food and emergency expenses. As a student it is crucial to work towards having emergency finances put aside since anything unexpected might happen anytime. When it comes to health, data for assignment or expenses that wasn't expected. I also learned to spend correctly and prevent over spending.

As the monthly allowance may not potentially last up to 3 weeks . I also chose to help myself by having another source of income.

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