[LOH #132] Material Things Bring Happiness Too

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Oftentimes we hear people say we should pursue other things in life other than material things, not knowing that sometimes those material things make us happy.
But then we should not tie our happiness to them or be addicted to them because they can fail anytime.


Looking from the outset, we all require money and money may be considered as a material object πŸ˜‚. That means we all love material things one way or the other. In order to supply us with everything we need.
I had always been a gadget freak when I was a child. I wanted the greatest accessories when it comes to electronics. I would like the nicest toy phone and watch. That made me at my JSS3 when I was allowed to start using the phone, I would starve myself to get myself a phone. I would be scolded for doing it yet I can't stop. I simply have this passion to get gadgets.
Even when my Dad's laptop was experiencing troubles, I would go to fix it simply to have it.

Even till now I barely use my phone for 1 year. I feel like it has started giving issues. My current phone started about 2 years ago and I am already tired. That's because this is unlike me.
My first earnings and savings on hive I used it to get a laptop. I genuinely like having gadgets other than shoes, hair and clothes like a typical feminine lifestyle And even when given the option to shop for 10 minutes, anything I want or ask anything I want is certainly heading to the gadget side of the store πŸ˜‚. Currently saving up to get a smartwatch around $30.I just love anything smart material thingπŸ˜‚. Even my dream house is owning a smart house.

That's how much I adore electronics. They make me joyful. Loving tech and its progress. The wonderful thing about gadgets is that if utilized correctly they may be used to generate you decent money, that means with your smartphone or computer you can join reputable online companies, investment or courses that will provide you passive income.

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