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As a woman, taking care of oneself is very essential. Your face, complexion and smell should be given utmost care. Yeah! The character your be good but your outerlook counts a lot. It is equally relevant to males.
There's nothing I appreciate about a man the first time I meet him like his clothing sense and scent.

I really don't have much money to spend on my Beauty routine by purchasing expensive cream but I utilize the little I have I made use of them very effectively

Steps for My Beauty Routine

Know what works for you: In taking care of your skin, you need to know what works for your skin. Some people are light, some have dark skin. Some have dry skin while some oil skin. What works one friend could not work for you and if it doesn't you have to stop using them so you don't ruin your skin color or texture.

I absolutely adore Nivea products and I know they work for me.
First I apply my face wash, rub it on my face and wait for about 5 minutes before entering the bathroom room. Then I wipe them off with my water. I like taking a cold bath rather than a hot one.

When I finish showering,i apply my face cream. It is used primarily for my face since it has SPF 15. This was incorporated in the manufacture of the cream and it paid for Sun protection. SPF simply means Sun protection factor. I really prefer purchasing cream that includes this so I don't get sunburn.

I also have a different body cream. I utilize it for the rest of my body.

After having my night bath I don't apply the same face cream because I am going to sleep and there won't be sun. I use my lotion. It is manufactured with vitamins and useful for softening the face. I pour a little on my face wiper and put it on my face.

After that I rub my powder. I prefer using white power than the brown one which might be named marykay in my country.

Lastly, I apply my lip glow to make my lip seem moist, pink and attractive.

N/B: All pictures taken by me using my phone.

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