[LOH#117] An Advise To A Discouraged Newbie

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It's another weekly prompt of the @ladiesofhive community. All appreciation to @kerrislravenhill for providing such an amazing topic.


From the short time I have spent on hive I got to learn that hive is not a get rich scheme. You may be one of the best writer but it takes time to create your reputation and get a foothold here. Sometimes it takes hours to produce a post and just to find out you receive fewer upvotes and for it not to seem like a lost work you simply have to boost your article to get a little upvote. Thanks to @ecency for the point to do so.
A nicely written introduction post may earn you a very good upvote but that's when the challenge begins your next article may have you wondering what actually occurred that you got very low upvote 😂.

For the 1 scenario, when a female is disheartened about her reputation being 52 I will let her know I have been there before. Everyone who has built his or her reputation must have been at a similar stage. Hive is like a ladder you can't simply leap any step.

Be Patient
Like I mentioned earlier @hive is never a get rich quick scheme you have to work for what you desire. Good things take time and there shouldn't be haste in life(hive)
And for the present price of hive, even the big boy currencies like btc fell down therefore the bear impacted the overall market. I spent my time to research and hive is going be one of the coin to do well my suggestion will be all she needs to do is accumulate more and thank herself later when hive do very well in future

Build Relationships:
I realized that this is one of the best strategies to improve your reputation and perform extremely well on hive. A nice interaction and remark may do wonders for you. You can write a good post and if you don't check other people post they might not check yours.

Be consistent:
Consistency is a good way to develop a reputation on the hive. I will tell her to maintain submitting great blogs and checking out contests to engage more and get similar with communities.

Go for what you love:
I will urge her to discover her specialty here on hive and join those communities.
We have various communities where diverse things are written. It might be your interest or a talent and even knowing there's no community here in your specialty @ocd makes it possible to accept contents which doesn't fit in any community. Writing about something you love will make it easy and entertaining for you.

I would love to invite @mell79 to join this contest. Check it out here

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day

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