[LOH#116] Trip I Would Love To Embark On

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Traveling is something I love doing. I adore traveling to new locations and meeting new people. Like they stated “life is short" thus I adore making every second, minute and hour joyful.
If I am to take a trip to another country this year I will be choosing Netherlands. I have heard many things about that country and according to my study it is one of the top countries that practice medicine. I have also seen photographs of it online and it's not a bad place to explore or visit.


If I am going there and staying longer initially, I shall enroll in their medical school. Since am a medical student getting my transcript may not be hard and if I can afford to study there, am certainly going to prefer there than studying in my nation. I suppose there will be more medical equipments and more experienced practitioners over there. I absolutely want to be one of the top Medical scientist and am going for knowledge.

After college, I will also finish my Masters degree there and go over to my PhD. When am done schooling i will start working or return back to my country if need be.
This is for a Visa that could enable long term stay over there but if it's a trip that permits just short term stay, I will only see the top hospitals over there, visit their recreational centers and return back.

Nevertheless I want this trip can happen this year, I truly need it 🥺, and even tho I can't meet up I believe this is my dream country and I will be there someday.

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