[LOH#111] Tips For A Novice Decorator

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Christmas is here already. It's a moment for celebration and of great joy.
There will be Christmas tree decorations everywhere to enhance our surroundings.


Being a first time decorator may be challenging, but there is first time for everything, if you can follow my few steps your first time decorating may not be as horrible as you think:

You need to take a look at your sitting room and its inside to know what type of decorations will fit it. Check whether it is large and the colors of your interior design already exist in the home like tiles, curtain, paint will fit the colors you want to use in decorating.
For outside(Exterior decorations) you still need to know the position best to set your Christmas light and tree, you can't simply place it everywhere since it's your home.

Ask questions
Feel free to question persons who are very knowledgeable in decorations, if you have them around. Decoration is more than simply purchasing a ribbon, balloon and flowers it requires effort to build a beautiful and attractive art.

Know your colors
Colors are what brings out the genuine beauty. Knowing your colors and how to blend them is the most crucial.
Two shouty colors may not be appropriate to use. You should also know the color for a certain occasion.
Just as Valentine is white and red, Christmas is likewise like that with also a touch of green(Christmas tree).

You can learn online
The globe is now so sophisticated that you may study everything you desire online. If you don't have somebody who is informed about decorating around you, you may search on google and also watch videos on YouTube which are self explanatory and teaches you step by step methods to decorate.

Also you need to have a concept in your brain of what you want your decoration to appear like. If you don't have any, you can be confused and might not end up receiving what you genuinely desire.

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