[LOH #126] In The World Of All Women And All Men

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It's a new week and another edition of the @ladiesofhive weekly prompt.

Living in a world where there's only women will be amazing but then boring.
First, staying with the same gender might make it easier to understand yourself. When it comes to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and childbirth. Only women experience these things so when you talk about them, it's easier for a woman to relate because they pass through them.
In the community where there are all women, they all would be hardworking because there wouldn't be any man to do the working, feeding, and handling the financial needs of the family. Everybody will have to go out and work because they are of the same gender.


On the other hand there might be a lot of misunderstanding because women are really dramatic. They may not want to seem submissive because they are of the same gender. I'm a woman so I know better. Women tend to have more competition, jealousy, betrayal and envy between themselves than men. I'm not saying men don't have misunderstandings but it's more when it comes to women.

In the world of men I can just imagine a boring and lonely world. No matter how dramatic a woman can be, they are just lights that brighten up their day. They are there to encourage men to do better.


It may not be enjoyable having just all men or all women that's why we are created with different gender. Everybody serves their purposes and it makes the world a happy place to live in.

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