[LOH#96] Diversifying into other Cryptocurrencies


There's no Joy every week like wanting to join the the @ladiesofhive weekly contest. This week topic was brought by my @kerrislravenhill [the Silver Bloody Raven Lover].


When Bitcoin was out in 2011, I was still younger so I didn't know how to go about it.
Then Ethereum I saw as low as $4. Being uninformed of how the crypto world works, I had less worried. Then I heard how it climbed so rapidly to about $1000, wow I regretted maybe I should have purchased even 1 Eth.

In 2019, I had friends who ventured into Crypto and how it helped them. I began with Airdrops and started collecting free money from there, but later I found that 90% of Airdrops are Scam projects.

[Screen shot From my Binance]

I began studying more about crypto and in 2021 I started purchasing Shit currencies like [Feg, Shiba Inu, Wakanda] but understanding that those coins may be long-term investments.
For some of my funds, I began purchasing some inexpensive coins like Matic, Cardano(Ada), and Solana.
There were cheaper and from suggestions I received from friends they are coins that would perform better in the future.

I knew about Hive this year. It was somewhat hard for me to comprehend how it works because I am still fresh in the crypto world.
I believe I will invest more in hive because with the way things are going I'm confident hive will achieve $3 and more in the future.
It's too late to invest in big Boy currencies like bitcoin, Eth, and LTC.
I previously lost out on that therefore my financial goals are purchasing more hives and powering up in saving for the Future.
I lost out excellent chance previously, I wouldn't let it repeat itself again.

I would love to invite @chacald.dcymt @capitanabeach to join this contest. You can know more about it here

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