Ladies of hive contest #124 //Learning aids: mnemonic and music 🎶

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Happy international women's day to you all beautiful ladies of hive, and all the wonderful hivers visiting my blog today, I'm glad to have you stop by. It is yet another contest from the #ladiesofhive community, the 124th edition, thanks to @elizabethbit for this week's questions and I will be writing a reply to the first question which states:

what funny ways do you use to remember useful bits of information?

It's exciting how this question just take me back on memory lane, during my primary school education, we were always forced to recite a lot of things like rhymes, multiplication table, measurements, States, and their capitals on the assembly ground every morning, this was a way of making us know these things by heart, and trust me, it worked, till date, it's easier for me to answer questions related to those things we were taught then easily without too much racking of the brain.

As time went on, in high school, we were introduced to the world of mnemonics, that is, combining the letters to form a word. In one of my favorite biology classes on characteristics of living things, the teacher just summed everything up to MR NIGER D, each letter meaning









When asked about the characteristics of living things, I just remember MR NIGER D, and the rest comes flooding in.


As for the first 20 elements taught in chemistry class, we were taught a unique song, I wish I could upload a video of myself singing it, 🎶 Hydrogen Helium lithium Berylium... 🎶, it made memorizing the elements of the periodic table easy just by singing. My point is over the years, I still have these topics permanently stored in my brain and I don't see anything erasing them.


To answer the question, from my write-up above, you can already guess the funny ways I use in remembering every useful bit of information, which are creating unique mnemonics I can relate to, which make me less likely to forget, or just composing a song out of it. The one's I learned while growing up, I will gladly teach them to my children too to make their learning easier and more fun to do.

Thank you for reading❤❤

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