LOH contest #104 || The changes in women's world from 20 years ago

This is my first time participating in #ladiesofhives contest, I must say it is comforting finding a group where women can express themselves.

This week's topic is a bit emotional, am thankful to @joanstewart for giving women in their different age range to participate. And I selected the one that is best suited to my age.

20 years ago, what do you remember as a woman -vs- what is happening in the world today. One memory and what the change has been whether positive or negative.

This topic is making me emotional because a lot has happened in the last 20 years in women's world.

Change simply means the process by which something becomes different. Nothing is stable or stagnant in life, everything is bound to change. Life itself is not stagnant we don't know what may happen in the next few years, the only thing constant in life is change.

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The last 20 years as seen a significant change in women's world. Years ago in my country, It is impossible for a woman to take a decision without the knowledge of her husband, she can't go anywhere without getting permission from her husband not even to greet her parents. Also, a woman cannot inherit properties from her parents because she is considered not as a family after all she is expected to leave her father's house and get married. It is believed that she belongs to her husband since she will be bearing his name and giving any sort of property to her, is like giving properties to an outsider.
Women hardly have any career and even those that have to do majorly work as a teacher, traders, Secretary, nurses and all those jobs that have been labelled women's work.

Presently a lot has changed in women's world in my society. Women no longer need to obtain permission just to do something. Women now have the right to inherit properties from their parents and maintain sole ownership of their properties. Women have also gone beyond those female-labelled jobs to jobs that are male-labelled.


One thing that has stuck with me in this change is women living in the tech world. 20 years ago you hardly see a woman in the tech world. Tech was basically labelled men's work but that has change. The percentage of tech women in the world has increased sufficiently, you see women occupying a high position in the tech world. Women are now developers, web designers and programmers. Women have also enter into the crptocurrency world, women now know about trading and things pertaining to cryptocurrency. This has been a good positive effect in women's world. One negative effect is that women now have less time for their family. There are times when they miss an important event in their children's or spouses' lives, this sometimes affect families and may lead to separation.

I enjoy writing about this LOH contest so much and I will be inviting @negro-girl and @sommylove to participate in the ladiesofhives contest

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