We Are All Great In A Different Ways || LOH Contest 82

Time is changing and I think we humane are too, we might not yet be where we are suppose to be as society regarding how we relate and treat both men and women but I can say that things are better compared to the past.

I can still remember when I was growing up in my locality, female children were not sent to school, most of the parents believe that they are to grow up, get married and go to their husband's house. While the male children can go to school and get educated.

In fact I considered myself lucky with the kind of parents I have, who chose to believe otherwise regardless of what their friends might thought about female child education as at then. I don't think I would have been able to forgive them if they had deprived me of education just because I'm a woman you know.

I think we women and men are different in our own unique ways and this should not make a woman to be less respected, we both have some specific roles to fill but this should not take away a woman's honor, respect, or freedom to pursue our aspirations and dreams.

A woman can do better when supported and empower instead of tramping down our right. I believe we all are equally great in a different ways.

Do you believe that God created women to a lower station in life, and we don't deserve anything more? Or do you believe that women deserve equal respect and treatment to men? Please tell us what influenced your beliefs.

I don't believe God created women to be a lower station in life who does not deserves a mutual respect among men, I think such believe is a man made thinking just to have an upper hand among women. What I think we really need is to treat woman with respect and fairness then watch as we both live in peace and harmony.

Most of these beliefs where what society created simply to draw people back, before we disrespect woman, we should remember and think about our daughters and sisters, if we really love and care for them we will have a change of heart and make the world a better place for all.

A man can not make me feel like nothing then expect me to be cool and smile back just because I'm a woman.

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If I can treat you as a man with respect, I as well deserve my own respect. Simple as ABC

This is my humble thought about this week's Ladies of hive Question and I'm inviting @wongi🥰 to participate and share her thought on this with us.

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