Securing The Bag || LOH Contest #96

As someone who started to understand cryptocurrency just a while ago, it is still very important to have a kind of goal or plan to guide my crypto journey. Thanks to hive blockchain, 95% of what I know and learn about crypto trading today is from this platform.

I have come to learn that Diversification of my assets and investing strategically will make me reach my financial goal better than having no plans at all.

Have you considered diversifying into other cryptocurrencies or tokens in your plans? If so, which ones would/did you choose and why?

The following coins/projects are my area of concentration for now and I hope to find more interesting ones later.

Hive Token


One, for supporting the platform in form of curating my favorite authors and in return earning curation rewards sounds like a win-win situation.

I have known and believe so much in this project and how the echo system works, so it kind of makes sense and easy for me to focus on investing in hive tokens. For this reason, I have let my hive power continue to grow for a long-term purpose. Though I have not earned much yet I will continue to grow my account as much as I can.

Hive Backed Dollar

Hive has done so well to diversify our means of earning and with the current 20% APR that HBD offer, it is kind of reasonable to think of investing in the stablecoin as soon as I get the means. For the following reasons: it comes with minimal risk, the three days withdrawal is kind of cool to me and I have a well understanding of how the system works, coupled with the reasonable amount of interest it offers every month. I will be missing out for not thinking of adding HBD into my bag.



For a while now I have had my eyes on bitcoin, I have been following the trend of the market for the past six months, and filling my bag with some amount before this year's runs out is one of my priorities.

Why Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is still the most widely known and accepted cryptocurrency in the mainstream and no matter how the Government tries to regulate or control it, it has come to stay. I think any smart person will like to own some bitcoin right now.

Some Second Layer Hive Tokens

Most of my second layers tokens earned like #pob, #vyb, and #leo were staked in return they gives me curation rewards, and for the love of the tribes.

Why The mentioned above projects

As someone who likes to understand what I'm investing my money in, also as someone new in the crypto world, I have equipped myself with an understanding of how these projects work so I can comfortably invest in them as I took doing my own research seriously.

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