My Very Eyes May Just See Under Nine Planet || Ladies of Hive Contest #124

Hello ladies and all my hive friends 🙏🥰 first thing that came to mind seeing this week's Ladies of hive Contest is what my college teacher taught us many years ago and it has since stuck in my brain like a strong magnet.

You are welcome to join us and answer one or two of the questions.

What funny ways do you use to remember useful bits of information?

Learning is only interesting when it is fun. Otherwise, it is very easy to forget things we were taught or information we want to keep.

During that time, I was in year three in college. One day during our integrated science class my teacher taught us something I will never forget. Not only this, he was a very interesting teacher who knew how to grab our attention with his presentations.


On that particular day, our topic of discussion was the nine planets. He went and wrote, "My Very Eyes May Just See Under Nine Planet". Then he told us to start singing with those words. Which sounds very interesting and fun to our ears.

With just a few times of singing, we memorized it. Then he went ahead to teach us the topic of the Nine Planets. Which are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Writing this out now I don't even have to stress my brain one bit lol 😆. As it sticks right from that time.

He told us that if we learn that song we may never forget how to state our nine planets for life and he was right. Unlike some many things I was taught and had to struggle to remember, never again my nine planets after that class.

That song became very popular in my class and even at home. I remember teaching my siblings how to sing the planet song. That was how my integrated teacher became one of my favorite teachers. Not just that, integrated science became my favorite subject. I never had a tough time remembering whatever he teaches us as I found his class always fun and interesting.

What I learned from his teaching is using something fun to learn whatever things we don't want to forget will make such information stick for a very long time.

Spices and herbs are often used for medicinal purposes.
What is your favorite and what do you use it for?

I have used some very helpful and effective herbs in the past. But the one I want to share here is so far my favorite. For someone like me who is very prone to malaria fever this has helped me stare the cough away whenever I'm infected.


Two spoonful of honey 🐝 with two spoonful of lime taken twice a day has been my cough magic remedy for many years now. I can't remember the last year I had to purchase cough syrup for any reason.


All I have to do is make sure honey and lime never leave my house. This cough remedy works so fast and very effectively. Unlike most cough syrups I know that will turn me into a sleepy head, my honey remedy works without making me sleepy one bit and that is the best part of it.

I have adopted this into my family recipes, not only this I have recommended it to friends and acquaintances in the past which they all testify to be very effective.

The only Caution is that it shouldn't be given to kids under the age of one as honey is not suitable for children under the age of one.

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