Me, Feeling Scottish This Year ||| LOH Contest #116

Halo Hivers!

Feeling Scottish! Scottish!!

Whenever I thought of a new country to visit, Scottland always stands out in my counties of interest. According to my research Scotland has the tallest waterfall in Britain named Eas annual Aluinn I think this is the first thing that interests me in that country and oh, I learned that Scottish people are wonderful, nice, and very interesting to meet. I have known one here on #hive for a while now and he @tengolotodo always spreads smile, kindness, and warmness anywhere on the chain. It will be very interesting to meet him in person don't you think? I heard he got a new camera, I love to take lots of photos he might just show me around interesting and cool areas you know. 😊🤭

Hahaha! It is another beautiful, brand new week, and this is Me feeling Scottish this year in response to this week Ladies of hive community contest #116 answering the question below.

If you are to take a trip this year to another place or country that you've never been to before, where would you go and what will you be doing there?

I already told you, I will take that trip to Scotland given the chance and finance. So on what I will be doing over there?

I love adventures, exploring and learning about new places, their people, and their way of life is my hobby. So Explore! Explore!! And Explore!!! That is what I will do.

photo-1623973792500-d2fa0aad9723.jpegImage sourced from Unsplash

I will find out and learn about their official animal, Unicorn hahaha perhaps Uncle Tengolotodo can tell me about that in the comments section of this post if today is my lucky day lol. Honestly, I know very little about unicorns so, it will be interesting to learn more.

I learned Scotland has lots of beautiful islands, approximately around 790 of them. Hmmm, I love islands I can just immerse myself in such a beautiful work of nature you know.

photo-1664906548769-a85fbe59bb56.jpegImage from Unsplash

Or a visit to the oldest three in Europe located in Scotland will be worth sharing on my #hive post I'm sure.

Visiting and taking lots of photos of their beautiful and historical castles will make a lot of sense and fun as well, life is too short not to always try to have fun hehe. Who knows, uncle T's new camera might just come in handy here again.

photo-1671641030385-601bac4b7663.jpegImage sourced from Unsplash

Their food

Aha, as a foodie this journey won't be complete without exploring their foods you say.

Their Haggis; I learned from my research that it is small but delicious, I love delicious especially when is healthy and delicious. So I will go for this one, try their Cullen skin which consists of smoked haddock, cream, potatoes, and onions, and is typically served with a side of toasted bread. And a lot more of their food that I feel comfortable eating.

I love to travel, visit new places or countries, learn about them, and enjoy the people and their culture, food, and music life. And I'm hoping for when that time will come, possibly in the next few years when I will have the finance and chance to visit interesting countries with my family. Life is sweeter that way! Until then, I will dream, focus on my current goals then enjoy whatever I can in my present country.

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