Life Is Changing For The Better For Women || LOH Contest #93

If there is one thing I'm grateful for being in this new generation of women is my freedom to express myself, as a human being and not be seen or treated like I'm some kind of second hands human being.

Gone are the days when a woman has no say in what so ever, about her freedom, career, and whom she marries. I know we are not there yet but with the changes, I have witnessed so far, it is a matter of time before society fully realized that never again will women ever take the back seats.

Looking back here are some instances where things has changed for the better.

1. Education Instances

In my part of the world many years back, it was believed that a woman's only right is to get married, have kids, and raise them. We had no business or right to go to school and have a career.

I could still remember while growing up in our local community only my dad and a few others were enlightened enough to send their female kids to school. Others see educating them as a waste of time and resources, after all, the only thing that is required of them is to get married. But today in the same society, people have started to realize the importance of girl child education.

They have started to train their girl child as much as their male counterparts, we can now think of having a career and pursuing them.

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2. Marriage Instances

Before now our women have no say in whom they marry, the marriage arrangement will be done by their king's men, her own will just to follow whoever is chosen for her whether she liked the man or not.

But today, thanks to civilization things are no longer done this way. A woman can now fall in love with whomever she wishes and seeks the blessings of her parents afterward

This particular instance is still been practiced in some parts of Nigeria most especially the Northern part. But it has greatly reduced. And I believe a time will come for a better day for their women.

3. Political Instance

Some year's back, Nigeria women has no say in the political process but today things are changing, women are getting involve and representing their people even though it's still a tough fight but we a re a seeing progress.

Women are a great pillar of the society, "train a woman and you have train a nation.

What prompted this changes?

I think the society are begins to realize that, supporting a woman to achieve her goals is as well means supporting the society to grow and prosper. We are now seeing men who will go to any leant to see that his wife or sisters succeed career wise unlike before when men will make sure their wives are full house wife and nothing more.

Dear fellow women, go out there, explore, develop yourself and conquer as we are as much capable and qualify as anyone else.

This is my attempt in answering the question;

When did you begin to see attitudes towards women changing in your life, and what do you think prompted those changes? Please give some examples.

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