He Said, Just Follow My Lead. || LOH Contest #86

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When we started our love journey about four years ago, that was when I learn how to trust and rely on someone who is not my parent totally for the first time in my entire life. When it comes to losing my power to trust and becoming vulnerable, that was not me before we met.

I guess he noticed this on time and he told me to trust him and just follow his lead, you know this was a bit hard for me at first but I knew I got to learn this if my love story will ever have to change for the best, this should be a chance I should be willing to take and I did.

Looking back now, I can see how powerful One can be when we find the right person to trust and lean on, I never have to do stuff all by myself, I have him to share my story, my happiness, my joy, and my problems with, because I know he has a listing ear and will always listen to them.

This week Ladies of hive community contest is asking us to answer this question;

Who is the first person you would call when you are in trouble?

If you ask me this question before I met my Hubby, I will simply tell you I will call my Dad at the first sight of a storm but now he has taken a back seat knowing that I have gotten a partner who will be there for me in any kind of situation. Even if he is unable to solve the problem I know he will listen and together we can figure it out. And that, I think is the beauty of it all.

Here is a song by Ed Sheeran Perfect that captures our love story, please you are more than welcome to watch


Having someone to trust and love is beautiful but having a partner or someone you can count on in times of trouble is everything.

Life is wide and deep, for us to survive we need someone that can give us a helping hand now and then because this will make our journey here on earth worthwhile and beautiful.

I will leave you with Lean on me performed by Empire Casts

Hello, @merit.ahama who is that first person you will call if you ever find yourself in trouble?

Thank you for your time and do have a beautiful moment at your end❤🥰

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