Good day ladies. Hope all is well on this lovely Sunday afternoon.

Using my sense of smell has always been a huge benefit to my well being. I kid you not. Part of my morning routine during the growing season on the farm includes nipping off some herb leaves and sniffing away as I get ready for my morning stroll.

My first stop is always my sweet basil, then I grab some oregano, or cilantro but now since they are finally coming in, coriander is in the mix.

I find breathing in deeply the fragrance that herbs, flowers or even the scent of a freshly cut lawn can uplift my spirits . This practice is part of who I am and I can really feel the difference when the cold rushes in and there is nothing left to inhale. It's amazing to me but there are two things that can bum me out during the winter. One is not enough sunlight, the second is lack of fragrance in my world.


Since my nose seems to be very nosey today, I will answer question #2. "What are your three favorite smells?

The tough part about responding to this question is the word three. I will confess right here and now, I blew it. There was no way I could keep my nose in check. She just kept sniffing around, then added to the list. I finally had to cut off my nose to spite my face, nah, just kidding, I figure more is better than less.

Top 3 sniffs...roses, sweet basil, and a tie here ladies, please indulge me, fresh cut grass and coriander.

IMG_2506 (2).JPG

I know I am breaking the rules, but my old factory is, well, getting old, but she sure has her stuffing together. My nose helps me relax. It hasn't grown too big yet and she's running on all passages. Shoot, my hubby often refers to her "as cute as a button". Go figure.😍

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My view from my front porch as the morning glories bloom and the green grass grows.


The roses in my gardens have been excellent this year. I have been able to clip several each day to brighten and infuse sweetness into my kitchen.

IMG_2874 (2).JPG

The basil has gone into a second crop that I will be harvesting soon but not before I have had my fill of fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella with basil leaves and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar reduction. Oh the aroma, then the explosion of flavor in my mouth, sweet.


I just love the sight as well as the scent of a newly mowed lawn. It makes me reflect on mother earth, how good we have it here, to have the dirt to grow grass and food.


After using every single leaf of cilantro in homemade salsa as well as other dishes this summer, I watched as this same plant produced these lovely little nuggets called coriander. They have a spicy flowery smell that just makes me smile.


Now here is where I confess, I saved the best for last. This very special whiff is like no other. It's indescribable, it's the scent of LOVE pure and simple.

A baby on her Christening Day.


I hope all you ladies enjoy my post as much as I did.

Blessings to all.

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