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Hello, lovely ladies of hive, I will be replying to the second question of the Ladies Of Hive Community Contest #85 and I invite @CescaJove to join in the contest. The second question of the contest is; What do you usually do for fun and how often do you do them?.

Having activities that bring you joy and relief from life stress, is worth looking forward to. When we create time to do our fun activities, it helps us to be more productive and it gives us the time to relax, be happy and have fun. Some of us are not opportune to do fun activities, because of how busy we can be with our life activities sometimes. If You don't create time to do your fun activities, you get drained little by little till you have no more to offer yourself or the people around you.

I see fun activities to do as the time to take a break, rest, forget about all your troubles and be happy. This helps decompress and vibe up with more energy to continue in the race of life. Without these fun activities, we won't have a social life and we won't be productive as we should all be.

What are my fun activities?


Watching movies is one of the fun activities that I try not to miss out on. I love watching movies, they help me relax and also help me to forget how stressful my day was. Every weekend, I tried to watch movies and sometimes during the week. The movies I love to watch are crime, horror, thriller, animations, romance (not kdrama), adventure, sci-fi, and of course paranormal/supernatural. When it's almost the weekend, what makes me excited is that I have movies to watch. I always look forward to weekends because then I have the time to watch movies.


A day without reading a book or a novel is a day without sauce for me. Since I was introduced to reading I always make sure to read something before the day ends. Sometimes I read when I am about to go to bed which helps me fall asleep pretty and helps me avoid nightmares. Reading novels is like a charge for me because it helps me relax, helps me overcome writer's block and it helps improve my brain. The genres I love to read are paranormal, supernatural, thriller, crime, mystery, and romance.


Have you ever noticed how the smell of freshly baked pastries is pleasant? I love baking! Usually, weekends are for baking and I love pastries of all sorts. I don't buy snacks outside because I use my weekends to bake my snacks for the week, like bread, puffs, donuts, cookies, and cakes. The delight I get from baking is always rewarding to me and worth all the trouble.


There is a popular saying, "health is wealth". Staying healthy is very important but then do our life activities permit us to be healthy? One thing I am grateful for in life is the fact that I have access to things that I use to boost my health. I love exercising to keep fit. I visit the gym five days a week and take the weekends off. When I exercise my body, it helps me reduce the stress of each day, it helps me vent out all bottled up emotions I had during the day and also helps me to be more agile at work. Exercising has helped me a lot in every aspect of my life.

This is my entry to the #85th contest of The Ladies of Hive Community

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