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Hello, my beautiful ladies, it's an honor to participate in this contest today. I so much love the topic, hence I write out a few points based on the facts I know.

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Join me as I share my points on the above topic.

Domestic violence also called Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), is a very serious matter that involves violence or abuse between intimate partners like – a spouse or dating partners. Other forms of it can include physical, sexual, financial, or emotional abuse. To be able to support the victims in preventing further harm, it requires a comprehensive approach.

Just 2 days ago, one of my neighbors came to report her tenant’s abuse of the wife to my husband. This man will come back from work and start raining abuse on the wife, calling her all sorts of names and if the wife says anything, it will turn to heavy beating, kicking, and other humiliating acts. The painful aspect is that the woman just gave birth a few months ago and the man does not mind that. In fact, he has turned the woman into a ‘punching bag’. Their Landlady got afraid and started reporting to neighbors should in case something serious might happen. This very man is threatening to kill his wife.


A gentleman I know got married in his early 40s and after a few months into the marriage, due to lack of a good job and accommodation, he has to move down to the city where the wife lives. Gradually, the woman’s respect for him diminished and she started disrespecting him. After a year of marriage, the once peaceful home turned to a war front. Every day they will find each other’s fault. Gradually it turned to verbal abuse and curses each other. Personally, I witnessed it when I visited them on a business trip to the city where they lived. The woman will sit outside the house and starts to rain down abuse on the man with different sorts of name-calling. The husband too will be replying to him from the inside in his own way.

Several friends and religious organizations counseled them but it didn’t work, it was like the 2 does not match each other. After some years of marriage, they separated and that was the end of that marriage. It was a very pathetic story.

I wish to suggest a few steps to address and deal with Intimate Partner Violence (IPV):

Safety First:

When someone you know or you yourself is in danger of any form of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) call the Emergency Number – 911 for immediate assistance and report the matter.

Professional Help:

You can encourage the victim to go to a Support Organization and seek for professional advice on how to deal with the type of violence they are experiencing. These Counselors can give the needed guidance and resources to deal with the problem involved.


Never be biased or judgmental over the case. If you get to know about Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), don’t be prejudiced and avoid blaming or using shameful words. Be supportive and let them know you care for them, showing you believe in them.

Also, encourage the abuser to seek professional counselors that specialize in treating violent behavior and to attend seminars and workshop programs that deal with his case.


Study the case yourself and know the dynamics of domestic violence, physical abuse or partner violence. Learn the signs and impacts involved because such knowledge will position you to offer the best support needed since you already know how complex the matter is.


Encourage the victim to speak up, let her talk about what she is experiencing and her feelings. If she is not ready to follow your guidance, respect her decision even if she refused to take action.


Help the victim create safety measures and plans that will protect her and the children if any is involved. Such planning may include practical steps to take during an abusive incident and ways to handle the situation safely.


Avoid personally confronting the abuser as this might escalate the situation and create further danger to the victim, instead allow trained professionals to handle the case.

Legal Options:

Get to know the laws and local resources available in your area that can help victims of any type of violence, including getting legal assistance and other restraining orders.


If there are local organizations and campaigns that works together to raise awareness about Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), join and support them as this will create a big impact for the victim and the society as a whole.


Know that Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a very complex issue with different unique cases and situations. Therefore, encourage the victim to always go to professionals for help and advice as they will always give well-tailored assistance and support during times of difficulty.

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