Welcome to our new apartment!

As some of you read earlier: me and @pusen bought a new apartment few weeks ago. We are so excited. We got the opportunity to see the progress on Wednesday. We don't move in until February next year, so it isn't finished at all. Only some of the walls are up.

Well, it isn't easy to get a room-feeling because there isn't much there yet. I have the experience with buying an apartment a long time before it is finished. The apartment we live in now did I buy 2 years before it was even built so I know what to expect.

Looks like we are starring in Bob the Builder.

We got the opportunity to look at a bathroom that we would get, and it looks good but we aren't that pleased with it. It's a modern bathroom with good space, but we got sold in with an another bathroom that had a bigger sink and bigger tiles on the bathroom floor. And we bought the apartment a little too late to change these things.

Fun fact: All of the bathrooms are made in Finland and are sent to the buildings finished in boxes. It was the same with the apartment we have now.

We have small tiles in our bathroom now, and it's so hard to make it look really clean. We have a big bathroom sink, and that is almost not enough space. The bathroom sink is the easiest thing to change, and I think is the first thing we feel to change too. And it isn't hard to install some sliding doors in front of the washing machine either, so that may be the second thing we will do.

But here are our new apartment:

This is our future view from or entrance to our living room.

This is actually our front door

This is a part of our bed room, and there is a missing a wall to @pusens gaming room.

I can't wait to see when it's all done!

As written before: I hoped that we could do some changes before we moved in, but it would cost more than if we did it ourself. The only thing we didn't like as much was the bathroom. The furnitures on the kitchen isn't exactly how I wanted it. But that isn't prioritized.

The good thing about waiting so long to move in, is that we can save money to new furnitures. We are only keeping our bed, the dining table and our outdoor furnitures.

I can't wait to show you how big our balcony we are getting. It wasn't on our need-to-have-list, but it's a huge plus! We are also getting more sun on this balcony than we have now.

This is taken from the outside. We live on the first floor because of our cat Leo can go outside. It's actually one of the biggest apartment too, and it is unique too on how it looks inside.

Thank you so much for reading!

Do you think this would look great in the end?
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