Ladies of Hive Community Contest #93

I'm from a family of two. I and my younger brother, I'm her father's daughter as am fondly called. I remember vividly getting into a discussion with dad after my high school final exams of which I was the best graduating student. It was in 2012 after receiving my prize my dad couldn't have felt more proud being the father to the best student with my result and prize in my hands I ran to my dad screaming, Dad I made it,


I saw the joy and disappointment in him but with no hesitation he hugged me and made a statement I couldn't have been more proud as I would have been more assured that the family business is secured with you as my next successor but it's unfortunately you are a girl child, it will all end in child bearing and kitchen.

As a young girl I was in pain. I was really hurt because my Dad is a learned business man who has his own transportation company and yes doing well for himself but it's obvious he still believes that girl children are minors when it comes to some roles in life like being a CEO in a company.

He even — being entitled to his will, left my brother with the notion that his future is guaranteed even without so much effort, but I didn't let that get the best part of me! Right there I made a decision that yes I will give birth and be good in the kitchen but it will never end there.

I strived and got admission to a prestigious University by merit where I got my BSC IN Education and currently serving and intend furthering immediately after my service year because yes I might not run the family business but I can still be a lot as a girl child.

I intend on owning my own Establishment (school) where I will impact knowledge into other humans and also make them understand that Education isn't only for the male child but also for the girl child.

I had to tell this story because I was a victim — from my own father. However, the society around me today seems to be more enlightened and is already accepting the fact that the girl child has a lot to offer. Rather than just getting married and taking care of the home. My dad is gradually accepting it though, but he has not done that fully.


On my father's side, I have personally done my best in making him understand that the female child has a lot to offer. For instance, I have repeatedly told him the story of some great women, here in Nigeria, that have achieved a lot both nationally and internationally. The likes of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala — the current DG of World Trade Organisation (WTO), and the great Chimamanda Ngozi Adochie.

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