Ladies of Hive #116 : travel plans

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Contest #116 :Travel plans✈️

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¡Welcome to my Blog! ✈️

We are entering a new year, it would be great to plan a relaxing trip to enjoy new places, getting to know new customs and nourishing ourselves with new experiences and beautiful memories.

This week the Ladies of Hive Community continues with your contest #116, this week's questions by @ifarmgirl remind us how interesting it is to travel

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1️⃣ If you were to take a trip this year to another place or country you have never been to before, ¿where would you go and what would you do there?


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We all have different preferences when deciding where to go on a trip to enjoy

Taking time to rest and get out of the work routine would be a great opportunity, we spent a whole year immersed in so many responsibilities.

Last year I did not have time to plan outings to rest, I worked all year and my trips were only to fulfill my jobs.

At the beginning of the year I traveled to different states of my country like Miranda, Caracas, Anzoátegui, the experience was interesting.

The truth is that I would like to visit these places again on vacation, it is very different to travel so far away just to work, you miss many details

Reviewing my previous years I have discovered that I have not made any trip to rest, I have worked a lot, all my trips were planned by other people, this one that I will share with you from here is the place where I have wanted to go .

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A dónde irías...

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Planning a trip is a personal project, mine is to visit the Andean state of my country Venezuela, MERIDA, this state has always called my attention, its cold weather makes me an invitation, the area where I live is very hot and that state is very cool, its cold weather and its beautiful mountains are spectacular for me, I want to travel there that would be my perfect trip this year.

Merida is my favorite tourist destination, and if I travel there I would like to travel with my husband❤️.

That trip has always been in my plans, I have done a lot of research about Merida, it is important to be informed about the areas you plan to visit.

Merida has been in my thoughts since my childhood, I have even proposed to my husband that we move there, the houses look like something out of a fairy tale, surrounded by flowers and lots of nature,I love nature.

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What would you do there✈️

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Projecting myself this year on a trip to Merida is motivating, just imagining myself getting to know that place fills me with a lot of joy.

Merida has an incredible nature very nourished with colors, the first thing I want to do is to locate a vacation home, because I have always wanted to be in a cabin in that area the houses have that style.
Once in the house I want to start with my tours:🤗

  • Visit the cable car: I have never been on one, it would be great to be at the top of the mountain, enjoy the scenery, I have been told a lot about this place, the view is amazing. Enjoying the cold at the top of the mountain, since it is the closest thing to being in Canada, another place I want to visit.

    Each station of the cable car is a beauty, I want to be there, to see each zone, to be in front of the
    Bolivar peak, a beauty of my country.The highest peak full of snow that's why I chose Mérida

  • Paragliding: that would be a challenge, full adrenaline, an experience that I would like to live. Flying over those beautiful mountains would be a unique experience in my life.

  • Visit: the Mucubaji Lagoon in the Sierra Nevada Park:

    Although in the area where I live the rivers are close to me, going to this lagoon would be fun, if
    Venezuela has something is that it is full of beautiful landscapes and this lagoon is a sample.
    That place would be the model for some nice pictures

  • In my tour I want to try the food dishes, Merida has very tasty traditional food, not to mention the typical sweets, a good strawberry with cream, the Andean chicha, all a delight that can not be avoided.🤗😋

  • When you think about all this trip, what would you do, you imagine yourself running through those mountains, that would clear my mind, relax, enjoy nature.

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I hope this post is to your liking, thank you for taking part of your time to read about my travel plans for this year✈️😉

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