LOH Community Contest #181 ~ Overcoming Feelings

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Women are prone to depression and anxiety" ~ Women are twice as likely as men to experience depression and anxiety disorders. Different factors come into play with women: hormonal fluctuations, life transitions, societal pressures, and genetic predisposition all contribute to increased risk. How do we women overcome persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, irritability, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, and possibly loss of interest in activities?

While I was on my way back from church, I was thinking about writing on my wall about ideas on how to eradicate sudden sadness, and the feeling of always shedding tears and possible reasons why someone suddenly begins to shed tears because I noticed that yesterday, I practically shed tears, and today too, I found myself crying for some unknown reason and I am beginning to get bothered because it has never occurred before.

Thinking of possible reasons for the constant tears between yesterday and today, I realized that perhaps it was because I was on my monthly cycle which started yesterday and this could be the reason for it because that is the only thing different that has happened to me in the space of yesterday and today.

So, when I realized that my monthly cycle could be the reason for my constant emotional state, I decided that I needed to do something to help myself out of the state because I knew that if I did not handle it on time, there was a likelihood, that I could begin to have unnecessary mood swings and going about with sad face.

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Since I knew that I had cravings for a few things since yesterday and could not get them because cash wasn't handy yesterday, so, I checked my bag and saw I had a little cash to spare for all that I craved.

When I came down from my tricycle, I went to a store and bought all I craved from yesterday till today. I had to do myself the honor of buying what I craved because I knew that was a way of getting myself out of my current state and overcoming my feelings of sadness and wanting to cry.

I got myself some strawberries, chicken, and bread, I am done eating them but still have a craving for ice cream and I am sure I am going to get more before the day ends.

A few days ago, I read on social media that a lady I follow said whenever she has this overwhelming feeling that wants to put her down, she gets up, picks up her card, and takes herself out for shopping, not for grocery shopping, she just drives herself to the mall or market and buys things she doesn't need, and never will have needs for.

She gets things she doesn't like, wear, or have an interest in and brings them back home but after realization sets in, she gives them out to her workers, neighbours, and whoever comes in that moment to see those things.

This has been going on, another story of a lady who felt down and drowning, that particular day, she picked up her car keys, and bank card, and told her family she was going grocery shopping even when her husband came back that day with all the groceries and home needs they would be needing for the month.

Her husband and family were perplexed but couldn't stop her, so she went out, got what she wished and craved for, and drove back home without a word. So, I feel every woman has different ways of overcoming their feelings.

This is my entry to Ladies of Hive Community Contest #181

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