The Cookathon Lady I Love to Identify With #150

Pleasant and fruitful week to everyone!

When I read about the sweepstakes for the current week, I could not control my excitement for three seconds because I like to share that single person who inspires me every single day of my life.

Everyone should typically have an individual who they can look up to as an inspiration. Even with my closest friends, one of the characteristics I like about them is how inspirational they are.


Her name is Hilda Baci, I regret not having met her in person, but if I eventually do, my universe will be complete.
Before her name was inscribed into the Guinness Book of Records, not everyone recognized this woman. But I recognized her because of the guts and adaptability she displayed during her culinary show (cookathon).

Hilda Baci's Identity
She goes by the name Hilda Effiong Bassey, a citizen of Nigeria. She is a native of Akwaibom State and holds the worldwide record for a prolonged cooking hours. In reality, I couldn't bear to watch TV for the full 93 hours that she cooked.


This is one example of a positive role model. I used to be the type of person who would openly admit that I didn't have any female admirers because a great deal of the women I encounter online are just selling their body to get money. Either a half-naked woman will appear or something else. I was at my wits' end.

However, Hilda's appearance shifted the perception in the community that a woman may prevail.

I love cooking a lot and anything like a competition that involves cooking, I pay complete attention. I was so amazed at her performance during her cookathon show despite tired but courageous till she won.

Hilda's Physical Appearance

I am very sure, The creator of the universe spent time to create her for the world. She has this cute smile and figure 8 kind of shape that no man will ever neglect except he is blind.
Like she has everything complete when it comes to fashion and beauty.

The other part I love about her is her sense of humor.
She sees criticism as an avenue for improvement inclusive of her charming smiles. This made me got to research more about her.

Story of Hilda
After doing some research about Hilda, I came across a post where one of her high school classmates (ss1 to sss3) characterized her as having a charming and joyful demeanor. I got more confirmation of it from a news article I read about her dealings with a street vendor selling water. She was curious in contracting the young gentleman as one of her team because of his well-spoken English while simultaneously selling packaged water on the streets of Lagos.

I formerly trusted in the proverb "It is good to be good" and this made me glad at her generosity.

Hilda is not one of those persons who, after rising to the top, refuses to associate with those from lower social classes. Even her classmates who describes her as being friendly but not unpleasant, playful but not frivolous, and social but not preoccupied.

Despite earning a sociology degree from the University of Madonna in Rivers State, Baci never lost up on her love for cooking.

My Food by Hilda is a restaurant she created in Lagos where she serves a range of meals, primarily Nigerian fare.

She also took part in a number of cooking contests, including the Jollof Faceoff, which she defeated a Ghanaian competitor to win the prize for the finest preparation of the jollof rice dish from that region. The biggest test for Baci, though, happened in May 2023, when she made the decision to try to break the record for an extended cooking marathon.

My thoughts toward Hilda
With everything that has been stated about Hilda Baci, it is amazing that she inspired so many women to pursue careers as housewives and chefs including me.

Sincerely, I am grateful that she was born in this generation. I can say that because to her, many chefs who didn't think their love of cooking could make them remarkable had the opportunity to separate out from the crowd.

It is clear that most women get married primarily to be cooks, which keeps them quiet in their husbands' homes regardless of how appetizing their food may look. However, Hilda has inspired so many women to be proud of their culinary abilities.

Chef Dammy, a woman I knew, started her own cookathon not to compete with Hilda but rather to show the world that women can cook with pride and that their enthusiasm for it does not cease in the marital bed.

Yes, I did said that because I have seen married men resolve their marital conflict by giving their wives money, which she then use to prepare a delicious dish. Then, they went straight to bed, and the disagreement was resolved. I am quite sure you understand where I'm driving at? Fine but that's it.

I'll give a brief account of a neighboring woman who informed her husband that she wants to build a restaurant because she cooks so well and I've enjoyed her meals in the past. Guess what, after Bacis' success, she asked for advice on whether to start a restaurant nearby, which she did, and she is currently doing well.

Thanks so much for reading about the person I intended to identify with. Do have a lovely week ahead.

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