My passions are anything that brings me enthusiasm, joy, comfort and serves as an escape from draining emotions. There are a couple of things I'm passionate about and a few of them include;



I love to write, although I wasn't born with this passion but as time progressed, I just found myself passionate about writing. I've mentioned this in some of my previous blogs and I don't get tired of saying it, writing is my best friend. It's my medium of self expression and letting out my feelings and thoughts. There's this relief I get whenever I've finished writing whatever it is I'm writing. And when I go through it, it just puts a smile on my face. I think I fell in love with writing few years back when I began to read more books in which I made new discoveries and this takes us to my next passion; reading!



When I say reading, I don't mean reading school related books or my voluminous course textbooks… not that I find them boring but the energy isn't just the same as when I read novels, articles and blogs. I enjoy reading for fun, entertainment and enlightenment too. Matter of fact, when I'm feeling down and need my own space, I just pick up a novel and engross myself in it. It's my kind of self-care and I'm a fan of books with romance, mystery, thriller, suspense and humor. Reading good books has a way of teleporting me to another universe. And believe me, I may not have traveled the world yet but reading has taken me to many parts of the world. Hehe… fascinating right?



I can't imagine life without music, asides God, food, books, memes and comedy skits, music is one of the things that still keeps me sane in this insane world. And generally, it gives me joy, whether it's me listening to good music or me singing songs myself. Lol, here's a quick interesting fact about me and not a lot of people know this; I enjoy closet-singing (If that's actually a thing but if not then yippee! I invented a word). What's “closet-singing”? Well it means singing in private for fun, even though you're not an artist or a good singer. I like to sing in the comfort of my own zone and away from the public. Sadly, whether I sound good or not, I'll never know for sure but I'm okay with that because I really don't care. All I know is that music (listening and singing) brings me great delight and I love it.



Well, if the concept “photography” also includes me taking pictures of myself, then yes! Photography is my passion. I'm never in a bad mood to take pictures or selfies. Matter of fact, I take pictures for every mood I'm in. I enjoy taking pictures of myself and just looking at it, admiring myself. It also boosts my confidence makes me feel good. My mom calls it an addiction because she would always find me taking pictures all the time, if she's looking for her phone, she's sure to find it with me😅, taking selfies as usual cause her camera is more clearer than mine. Do I take photos of other stuffs? Yes actually, sometimes… I like to take photos of anything beautiful that captivates my eyes; the blue skies dotted with white fluffy clouds, sunsets, nature, beauty… name it! I love photography, particularly artistic photos and aesthetic photos. I also enjoy editing pictures. These things bring warmth to my heart.

This blog is my entry to the @ladiesofhive contest;

1️⃣ Tell us about your passions, such as painting, dancing, drawing, knitting, taking pictures, etc. The sky is the limit — anything that makes you happy is a passion!

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I'd personally like to invite @floraada , @bettybunny and @nkemakonam89 to participate in this contest. I look forward to reading about your passions 🤩.

To my dear readers, THANKS FOR READING! ❤️

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