Ladies of Hive Community Contest #135 - Life Hacks

This is my entry to LHC #135

⏺ I want you to tell me about a life-changing "hack" (a trick or shortcut that makes your life easier), the one that changed your life. Be inspiring to me and other readers. It can be any hack or change you made. It must be a thing YOU DID, YOURSELF! Tell me how it worked and what was needed. Did it cost you time, money, etc.? And how long did it last?

One life-changing "hack" that truly transformed my life was the incorporation of Google Calendar and Notion into my daily routine. These two powerful tools revolutionized the way I manage my time and organize my thoughts. Let me share with you how they worked and the impact they had on my life.

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Firstly, Google Calendar became an indispensable tool for me, particularly when I took on the role of an academic committee member in my college. With the responsibility of coordinating schedules and meetings with multiple faculty members, keeping track of various events and deadlines became a daunting task. However, once I started utilizing Google Calendar, everything changed for the better.

The process was simple and required no financial investment. I started by creating a Google account, which allowed me to access Google Calendar for free. I dedicated some time to familiarizing myself with its features and functions, which were user-friendly. Then, I began scheduling all my tasks, and meetings within the calendar.
The real magic happened when I started sharing my calendar with the faculty members I worked with. This feature allowed us to coordinate our schedules seamlessly, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth communication to find mutually available time slots. Each faculty member had access to view my calendar and could schedule meetings directly without any confusion. Additionally, I could color-code different types of events, making it easier to visualize and differentiate between them at a glance.

Glimpse of my Google calendar

The impact was remarkable. I became more efficient in managing my time and was able to allocate dedicated slots for different tasks, which greatly improved my productivity. The collaborative aspect of the calendar ensured that everyone involved was on the same page, reducing miscommunication and facilitating smooth coordination.

Now, let's move on to Notion. I believe that our minds are designed to think and create, not to remember every detail or piece of information. Notion is like my 2nd brain or digital brain you can say. I use it for note-taking, organizing thoughts, and keeping track of everything that crossed my mind.

That's how my notion page looks like

To incorporate Notion into my life, I started by signing up for a free account. Notion offers a comprehensive suite of tools, making it an all-in-one workspace. Various free templates are available to get started with. For note-taking, I organized my ideas into different categories and subcategories, allowing for easy retrieval later on.
One of the most powerful aspects of Notion is its flexibility. I could add various media, such as images, links, and documents, to my notes, making them rich in content and highly interactive
The impact of incorporating Notion was profound. I no longer struggled to remember important details or ideas. Instead, I could focus on the creative aspect of my work, knowing that I had a reliable system in place to capture and organize my thoughts. Notion's synchronization across different devices allowed me to access my notes wherever I was, ensuring that my ideas were always at my fingertips.

Incorporating Google Calendar and Notion into my life required some initial time investment to learn the tools and set them up according to my needs. However, the benefits far outweighed the time spent. Both tools were available for free, making them accessible to anyone with an internet connection. And once you integrate them into my daily routine, life becomes simpler. So, I encourage you to explore these simple tools and see how they can transform your life as well.

Let me know what hacks or tools helped you.
Let me know, what you guys think of it💜
Till then, goodbye💫

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