What's the most useful thing you own?

Hello ladiesofhive, welcome to my blog, this is my first contest, i want to thank @saffisara for this great contest organized in this platform, on the light of this topic which says :

What's the most useful thing you own?

The most useful thing is my family.

Everyone begin from family, friend can go, money can vanishe certificate can fail but family stick together. Potential
Leaders are made from family, society are build from family, any successfully husband or wife are made from family.

so family is a nurturing ground for a future of a generation, do you know that family is a team where the success of one is the success of all, Just like a football team when one score the whole team score.
Family is a ground of unity, the strength of the unity determine the productivity, family is a place where love is shown also is a ground of sacrifice, If only parent will give quality time to their children there won't be much problem in the society today, an that is why i can't do without family.
A story was told by my grandma, that a young man was taking to police station on the fact of stealing but his family when to the station told the d.p.o, we know him he can't steal but a humanizer, when the d.p.o hard it, he asked if they were his family members, and they all shouted yes, you see no matter how terrible one may be yet he's loved, family is a place where we tolerate each other short coming, am happy to have a great family.

I will like to invite @hivedeb and @keiz to participate in this wonderful contest.

All pictures are mine.

Thanks for your time.

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