My Last Birthday Celebration#109

Beautiful morning, it's my pleasure to be part of this outstanding contest, for one to write about her last birthday, stay with me as I take you through my blog


how would you like to celebrate it

Since death is inevitable I will make it in a ground way, very impactful, knowing that this is my last birthday and I will prayerfully make it as a crusades were I will minister the word of salvation to all my guest, because life must be well live, what will I be remember of, without impacting my generation, knowing that there is no spear part, it's only one life, if you truly live here on earth you must impact life, if you live for yourself then you haven't truly live a fulfilled life.

I will want to touch lives positively knowing fully that it's my last birthday, I will put my house in order instructing my children on how to live there life telling them to amend there ways and there doing, because I won't like to live my house disorganized, all my life investment I will divide it into three one for my children, one for the less privilege, one for the advancement of God's kingdom on earth. I will print tracks that will convinced a message, to the coming generation, I will want to do what will out live me, that even when am gone my voice will still be hard here on earth.


And why?

  • Because I was born in to this life with a purpose and one of it is love, God commanded us to love, you can't love without giving something out I love humanitarian service because if you haven't given you haven't lived at all.

  • I have to set my family in order because my children have to emulate my guide or teachings, I can't leave my house in confusion my children should have direction on how to live there lives.

  • I will make sure I make peace with everyone and I have to make everything right because I know after death is judgement,

. thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week.

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