My Big Dream Awaiting Trip Contest #116

Hello everyone, I'm super excited to be here again, hope you had a good night rest.


If you are to take a trip this year to another place or country that you've never been to before, where would you go and what will you be doing there?

Is India
I always admire there way of life in movies, is one of the most famous vacation spots in the world, the always show love especially when it comes to eating in group it shows the sign of unity and love it means they are people of like mind, no wander they are always in agreement when the makes decisions if what am seeing in movies and with the little I hard of them, that is why I want to go and see how the will treat a visitor, can I be loved too?

I will like to see there culture

Especially the way they are dancing I don't want to see it in movie or being told, I want to be there in person because seeing is believing and if possible I want to learn how to dance too.

Different varieties food Delicacy

I want to go and test their food, seeing it in movies always look good so once I enjoyed it than they can teach me how to prepare it that is another reason l want to be there.


The way of there dressing,

Seeing how the woman appear always makes me admire them and that is the reason why I want to be there, to see their dress physical and to even put on there dress to see how I will look too.


That red thing the used to put on somebody forehead, if he or she has been a way from home for some times , I want to be put too as a visitor 😂🤣 or is it only for the indigen, I want to go and see things myself.


Is good to learn new things since life is concerned especially adopting to other people culture or the way of there living or things that are good in order country.

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