Loh Contest 132 : The simple Gift I Received That Make Me So Excited

Good morning to you all, am happy to be part of this contest and you are all welcome to my blog.

Material things are not the most valuable thing in life, however, there are material things that bring joy to our days. Show us something unnecessary but makes you happy — it can be a simple toy or even a cup with a design that you love, and please tell us the story behind

One of the most of the material things that gives me joy was the perfume I received from a best friend of mine, for over 4years we haven't seen each other untill this April 29 for her brother wedding.

I was so happy seeing her, we couldn't talk to length because she was busy and she said she will be coming to my house tomorrow, and truly she made it.

After our conversation she brought out a well package perfume, inside a small bag and it has a nice fragrance.

I was seriously excited with that simple give, I don't use it any how, I keep it for special event because I don't want it to finish in time, and one thing with that perfume once you put it, the fragrance do last in the clothes even if you wash it once you iron that particular clothe the sent will pop up afresh like you just put it now.

So yesterday my neighbour was in my house, I was about to go out and she heard the fragrance that was how she also pick interest in the perfume, she was asking me to give her now, that was when I told her it was a gift giving to me too.

But she was not satisfy , she needed it by all means, when she see I was not ready to give it out, she than went ahead to copy the name, that she will go to the market and see if she will get it.

Immediately she left, I quickly change the position of the perfume, because I don't want what happened to repeat itself again .

All pictures are mine.

Thanks for stopping by.

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