Ladiesofhive contest 124 my favorite herb

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What is your favorite

Herb is my favorite
Maybe is because of the way am brought up, Since I was a teenager, I see my family using spices and herb, which we are told that is medicinal, in the family, we used to take herb twice in a month and we don't use to lack spices and the way my father always emphasize on the issue of herb benefit, taking of herb has became part of me and we hardly fail sick and I believe is by the help of the herb that is at work.

Even though I don't like spices because of the fragrance mostly, is only few of them am forcing myself to use it because of health benefits, such as ginger turmeric and garlic, now that am having my own family I continue with what am use with.

I introduced my children to harb, to the extent, if I jumped some mouth without making herb, my son use to asked me why I have not make it, to tell you the expend my children are used to herb.


What i used it for

Herb has being helpful for us as a family
When we get different specific leaves and cook or boil them all together, it do serve as a medicine to cure some sickness such as

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Typhoid and malaria

Which has save us a lote from spending money in the hospital, especially when I noticed the symptom of Typhoid and malaria in my children I always use the correct leaves or harb that can cure that, even though time to time we do go for check up, which we know how much we do spent, that is why herb is my favorite.

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