I Will Become A Ghost Of Vengeance

Good evening everyone, it's a pleasure being here again, it's been a wonderful week and the year is coming to an end, having this contest in this season is a great deal, happy friday to you all.


If you were a ghost and could possess people, what would you make them do?

If I were ghost I will really torment my dad and my step mom to make sure they asked for forgiveness from us the children for making us to suffer in the hand of is favorite wife
Coming up as a child I don't know what it's means to be love by mummy because my dad went and brought a second wife, and my father really treated my mum badly to the extent of sending her parking from his house, living us with the step mom and you know what that means, which leads to my mom death.



If I were a ghost I will make sure I kepnap the kepnapers let them feel the way others felt, I will make sure I treat them badly that when I release them they will never go back to that act again.
My friend was pregnant in short, she was in her month, the came and took her away and they are demanding for money in exchange.


If I was a ghost I will follow after lecturers that are just Westing the life of young girls all in the name of given them good grades, a lecturer keep on
threatening my room mate, if she didn't go out with him, he will make sure he fail her, on hearing that she succumb, which lead to pregnancy and he still threatening her again to abort the pregnancy which eventually lead to her dead.


I will becom a ghost of vengeance, because that is what fit this generation we are in, gentle man ghost can not change anything because our hearts has being hidden, the world need an action spirit that can make them change from there evil way fast, if they have tested the same thing the had done to others, I know all the atrocity will reduce drastically.

Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely night.

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