How I stand as an advocate for my nice.

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Depression is one of the common problem we're having in the society today, so many people are under deficult situation, which makes them to separate themselves from people that will be of help to them.
There are different situation which always lead many to depression such like, lack of job, broken relationship or marriage that is not working out.

My niece pass through depression stress simply because of a man she spent so much on, taking care of him, later disappoint her by marring another woman, is not funny Sha, when we had about it my father said I should go and stay with her for sometimes, so has to avoid regret later.

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such problem you don't know who to turn to or trust to share your problem with, so most people keep it to them self, some eventually lead to total madness.
On reaching there she closed her self inside with out eating no drinking she stopped going to the office, she also switch off her phone, all she was thinking off was suicide.

Seeing me was a shock to her because she taught we are not aware of the news, my coming really help.

How I help her

I started by encouraging her and showing her the reason to live.
I encourage her with God's words, and taking her out just for her to forget her pass.
I does everything for her I make her feel loved and important before I know, she opened up some of the things she was passing through for a long time,
I stayed there for one month before living, and I used to called her to know how she was doing.
Am the only one she trusted, but she is fine now..
I hope this will be useful to someone.

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