Contest 126: Society Of Women Only Or Men Only

Good evening everyone, what a privilege to be among the living ones, I wish us the best of the week.

Based on my opinion is possible for A Society of all Women to live in peace, I have seen were women are the only one catering for them self and the family event when the man (husband) is alive.

You people will not know what is happening until you go to this villages and see how women are playing the part of men.

Ideally we are to complement each other but most of the men has became women, by living there office to women to occupy which is not so.

Most women are leaving as due as they are living in a society of all woman (withouts men) because women are not feeling any impact of the men in there life's.

Some women have to create a community of helping each other in order for them to progress as individuals and as society.

Which society would have a better chance of


Hmmmm, to me is A Society of all Women because most women's naturally have loved and sympathy towards each other, they can go to any length just to see the make the order fellow women comfortable.

Almost every thing that man knows how to do, woman can do too but come to think about the men, there are many things some of them can not do such as cooking, bring firewood from the farm to the house and tidying the house so they can't do without women.

And men hardly get along with each other, at the same time the don't easily forgive or let go offense, because of that the need woman to complement them, no wonder the holy book says, he make a help mate to the man.

Thanks for stopping by and do have a lovely night.

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