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When I came across this movie, I honestly did not know what to expect. In fact, I am not an action flick chick but I was so bored that evening and was on a heavy dose of medications. I couldn't do anything - literally - other than sit still and let Mom take care of me.

That evening, I managed to summon a good amount of energy to walk. Boredom can do things to you. So, I connected my laptop to our TV and told mom I wanted to watch something.

Because I was sick, she never said no. That is one thing with Nigerian mothers. Fall sick, and they would get you the moon if possible. I was eating really well and just sleeping...I digress.

So, I successfully did the connections without fainting. Mom made sure I had snacks before she went to bed. Out of pure compulsion, I just picked the movie PLANE because it was the first option.

The beginning of the movie was quite boring and I almost decided against it but then I decided to go further into it.

Let me tell you, by the next ten minutes, I was practically looking forward to more. First, because I saw the actor that played Chen Hongui in Mulan and then, the descent of the plane.

I told myself that I would write a review on the movie but just never got to it. So here I am.

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The reason I love this movie so much is not the action, the mind-blowing graphics, the dialogues or even the thrill. It was the message it was sending that had me holding on for dear life.

I couldn't even begin to imagine being stranded on an Island filled with notorious terrorists. The way the Pilot, Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler) took charge and just steered the travelers during this dark time just highlighted the qualities of a true leader. Qualities I seek.

He was intuitive, had foresight, brave, experienced, but most of all, he possessed compassion; value for people. This is rare! He moved with certainty but in the midst of this, he felt fear. He taught me that fear must be felt. It indicates that you're human after all. The ability to push through despite that fear is what we call courage.

While I watched this character navigate and handle different personalities on the plane, I came to realize that a leader doesn't have to be macho or bossy or posh. A leader may be rough at the edges, plain in sight and yet wield enough power to bring someone and even situations to submission.

Not authoritatively. Mostly because they have heart and they understand what is at stake. In his case, his daughter was waiting for him to return. He better than anyone, understood the fear and the doubt. Yet, he was determined because where there is a will, there is a way!

This movie taught me more than it entertained me. The goose bumps, the levitation of it all. I got three keys: Knowledge, Instincts and Compassion. These are attributes of a leader.

Even as I write and share this with you, I still feel the goosebumps and you know what? I am going to watch it again. I hope you do too and if you have, let me know what you thought of it.

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