LOH #96: Investing in these Tokens...

I'd like to start this blog by first thanking @hopestylist because, as I had told her, this is timely. Now, I'll be responding to the Ladies of Hive Contest Question 1.

  • Whether a newbie or veteran blogger, it would be good to have financial goals and a plan. Have you considered diversifying into other cryptocurrencies or tokens in your plans? If so, which ones would/did you choose and why?

I don't know what I am. Yet.

Let me start this with the general knowledge that I am not a veteran. I don't even know what I am but I'm almost one year on Hive so...hehe.

Unlike those I started with, I'm not anywhere close to the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. This doesn't mean I haven't been making progress. For today, I'll talk about my goals for the end of 2022 into 2023.

There are so many of them!

I had no idea what cryptocurrencies were before Hive; my knowledge was very limited. As I got on, I only saw through tunnel vision. I became aware of Leo, Archon, Hive, HBD and LOH. Thing is, I never understood the benefits of any of these tokens, even today, my knowledge is still limited. I got to understand about Hive and HBD through publications here on Hive especially in the Leofinance community.

LOH (Ladies of Hive) I got to find later and I held it because I didn't have a motivation to sell. Also because we were advised to hold. So, these tokens kept growing and then one day, I was guided to my Hive-Engine Wallet through PeakD. My mind exploded! There are so many tokens! Whaat?!

I kept scrolling till I just gave up. I saw Beer, WIT, Pizza, LOL, Neoxag and so much more. I felt overwhelmed. What am I supposed to do with all these?

Then I joined Dreemport and things got clearer. I met some really amazing people who are curious by nature and like to research. We became friends and things got better.

Earning the Hive Way!

Recently, I got to understand the importance of sorting my Hive finances and earning passively. Mind you, I came across that term everyday and was always lost as to what it meant. Now, with the help of a fellow Hiver, I get to understand that I can make long term investments and grow my wallet. I also did not know this.

I joined the Saturday Savers thanks to this Hiver. With careful deliberation and a slight push, we decided to double my HP, fuel my HBD savings and increase certain tokens.

I do know there are dozens (even more) of tokens yet to be explored. Plenty that have great utility and potential but, I have learned to take it one step at a time. My head might explode should I leap and my motivation would crash because of the load. So, I decided to focus on just a few. Very few.

Growing Tokens, getting goals


As I increase my HP and save HBD, I also invest half of my earnings every 14 -15 days in these tokens. I want to be able to join the next LPUD (Leo Power Up Day). Also, I discovered (Thanks to Tengo) that these Tokens (EDSMM/DHEDGE) are Miners!

Daily, I get returns (with interests) for my investments in EDS, BRO, GAMER, HIVE and some I can't remember. If I continue with my plan, I would likely catch up to my goals by the end of the year. Hahaha.

Could @madamnaomi and @lovelysoul possibly make it before the deadline? 😆

Lead Image by George Becker on Pexels

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