LOH #135 - Where Do I start? Love my country!

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Let me start at the very beginning. I have been writing about myself for a very long time as that is what makes me Me. Taking my thoughts and putting it into writing has to be the best thing that has happened to me in all my years of life - not like they are that many anyway.

This week's question is quite intense for me. Let us just say that nothing, and I mean NOTHING has ever just come to me like that. Easy peasy. Abracadabra. Bibidi bobidi boo. I always have to work for it and sometimes (if not most) I have to sacrifice for that thing. That can be a lot especially for a young girl like me who doesn't know where her head's at most times.

I made a promise to myself sometime ago to never write a personal blog on here again because of some mean comment I received from someone here. Truth is, I am awfully sensitive and emotional which could get pretty intense because when I get like that, I close up, walls crumble and steels take their place. It can be really exhausting.

Now, back to the question. Many of you know that I am from a third world country with an infamous reputation for harboring thieves, bandits and terrorists. And then my personal favorite. Fraudsters! For a young girl from such a place with a bag of dreams, it can be disheartening. Remember I said I have to work for everything? Yeah. I do. I get uncomfortable receiving gifts and all but...I digress.

In Nigeria, especially in my place, water is gold. I talk to Europeans a lot and the way they have access to almost everything (water, light, data, etc) is almost enviable. It makes you wonder if you really know anything. I have to walk five minutes (sometimes more) to get water every two or more days. My mom's business deals with a lot of water so you can imagine.

Where I stay, there are boreholes powered by the PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria) but only in terms of we need the light they provide to get water. It is an increasing challenge the queues you'd meet daily. Standing for hours only to carry a 20-50 litre gallon (or bucket) on your head and walk five minutes back home.

Now, coupled with the fact that I have to do laundry and dishes in the house, water is essential. I bath twice a day, so does mom. We cook everyday and we have to use the toilet sometime. So, water is important. However, this long periods of walking those minutes and sometimes more began to take its toll on me. My mother is over sixty and still she's always adamant to follow me to get water.

One time it got so bad, my knees were hurting like they were jack hammered, my back felt like the worlds' heaviest iron and my eyes just kept going round and round. Mom got water herself and that was when I knew something had to be done regarding this water thing!

There are days that doing the laundry is too much work. I mean, we need to have water first (since the Water Board in our state is practically incompetent) and then we can work out bending down to wash. We have no access to a washing machine. So, on advice, I began taking my clothes to a woman who does them for me, and I pay her for her service. I am young and strong but even that has a limit.

The water thing, I felt would need me to take the same step. So, I talked to a friend about it and he was kind enough to provide the resources to make it happen. There are boys (people in worse situations than me) that would walk all those minutes, pushing a barrow filled with five to six gallons of water just to make some money to eat. You gotta love my country!

I did it. Been resting a couple days letting these boys get me water. Fun fact, they can be pretty unreliable, but that or...the pain I experience. This is more cost in a budget I don't have but they say health comes first huh?

Now, remember I said I could be really emotional? I can be so sensitive that a pregnant woman has nothing on me! But, I taught myself a way to deal especially when I can't. Not like I have perfected the craft but it all takes time and what can I say? I'm pretty hot blooded.

When I watch people around me getting things without even having to work for them, it can get really loud in my head. I get angry. Learning to talk myself out of that during the past two years wasn't easy. I had to learn how to shut those voices because it was nothing but the spoiled brat in me and let's face it, there are others who have it worse.

So, is the water thing going well? All I can say is...YOU GOTTA LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!

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