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Having a family or good friends is such a wonderful gift that has been given to each and everyone of us by nature, yes we can choose our friends but we it is impossible to choose the family we are been born into,but sometimes friends become even more closer than family..having a good people by your side is one thing while making good memories with them is another wonderful thing.

I love having fun and making the most out of life with my family and friends, but especially my family because they cannot be replaced, I love it when we are together, chatting and eating with my family is some of the things I love doing with them, when we’re together it’s always fun, we talk about when were younger and most the funny stuffs that happened when were children.

One of the youngest memories I have of my family and good friends was thanks giving, I was involved in an accident but i survived and recovered.. so my family did a little get together after thanksgiving, I could remember everything on that day, and it was worth it, it was fun and heartwarming, some of my friends were also present and I was really happy.

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We ate together, we danced together and everyone was happy, my nieces and nephews made it more fun, as they were giving us different epic steps, I could remember vividly how baby selma was the life of the party, my niece who is only 3 years old, she made a whole scene with her dance steps.

In the world today, family and friends is becoming so underrated, but trust me if you have a family or few friends that cares and love you, hold them dearly because they are the best thing that could ever happen to a person.

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