Hello my dear hivers, I welcome you back to my blog and I’m excited to share with you my dear friends one of my most valuable item, I know that material things are not the most valueable things in life but this particular product brings me joy. I love it because it was gift, and it was gifted to me last two years on valentines day. I have been using this pefume since then little by little because I don’t want it to get finish LOL, the scent is really nice and mild, I also love this gift because it was from my partner.

image is mine

| we are not always surrounded by people who share same tastes or interests because I have always being a movie fan whether Romance movies, drama, crime, action or animation as long as it suits my interests and interesting to watch. I last saw a movie titled GIRL IN THE CLOSET I like this movie because its a drama but mixed with crime, this movie is about a 10year old girl whose name is Cameron, who was adopted by her aunt after her mother fell ill, after arriving her new home she started hearing ghostly voices of victims who were being chained by her auntie from the basement, Cameron’s auntie was cruel enough to also lock her up in the basement for another 10years, while the police and her mother thought she was missing, she uses them to get money by getting the girls pregnant and selling their babies and by also sending them out to sleep with different men, luckily for them Cameron’s auntie was caught by police as they moved to another apartment where they were rules of No pets zone and to avoid funny smell, she got caught because a police man heard some strange sounds coming from the basement because he was thinking they had pets in there but to his greatest suprise they were human beings that were locked up by Cameron’s auntie.

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