LOH138: An Abundance of Fathers

Her dad in Ashley's eyes

Loving, hard-working and caring; that is how I describe my father.
I admire every little thing he does; drawing, cooking, watching action movies etc. In short, my dream is to be like him. To be an inspiration for others and pass the life lessons he embedded to mine.
Before, I would always cry everytime he needed to go away, a mile farther from us for work. I asked him why it is easy for him to leave us knowing that we are just little back then. He would just hug and scratch my back to make me stop crying as I fall asleep. How innocent I am that moment to ask such question to my father. Now, I realized why he would not answer and that is because he doesn't want me to stop studying. He said that he had read my diary; wherein I wrote, "I would choose to stop my studies so that my father will not leave again". He said that he does not really want to leave; he needed to, in order to provide our wants and needs, no matter how hard it is for him to take.
He has so many plans for me, for us. He never stop sacrificing his wants for our needs. He never gets tired to say, "I can do it!" even though it is hard to move forward with the heavy load - (responsibilities and obligation) he carry. He never failed to motivate, inspire and give advices to guide us. He might look like a strict man because of his fierce look, but for us he's the sweetest man in the universe. Happy Father's day to my dad and also to all the Father's out there 💙 ❤️

Her dad in Fatima's eyes

Father's day is one of my father's great day but let me share my father's love first.
The love from my father is the great feeling that I have because he work so hard to feed me and he work so hard for our daily food and for our bills. He didn't sleep because of work and it is because of me because he is over thinking of our bills and firstly our food. I really appreciate his love for me and all the efort he gave for us. He is my great and only father and I'm very grateful because I have a father like him. I cry because I realize he lied that we have money and he lied that he is not tired, he lied that he can do it and all of that is because of me that he lied and I cry because I realize that I shouted him many times and I feel guilty and angry to my self and I realize that I can enjoy my father love because he is here, he is helping me and he spend his time for work because we need the money I didn't realize the hard work he give to us,love,efort and all the care I'am feeling guilty that I shouted him and didn't realise the hard work and love for me. I want to be a good child and I want to make him proud and in the father's day I wrote him a letter firstly thank you for your love,support, effort and hard work and secondly I wrote him that I'm sorry for all the bad things I've done to him and I realize that all the shout and angry words it is because the sign of his love for me and us and he is very happy to read it and he hug me and I thank him for every thing and mostly I'am very grateful that I have a dad like him. For my dad I appreciate his love for me.Thank you for every thing dad!


An Abundance of Fathers is a blog I wrote based on two people's testimonies when I asked them "How would you tell a story about your dad this father's day?" Losing my dad is painful and I still miss him everyday. I always talk about my dad with other people but this time I want to share story about others. It's amazing how both of these ladies admired and love their dad. Even though they misunderstood them (same way I misunderstood my dad sometimes), it's good to know that at the end of the day all of us choose to love and ask forgiveness from them whenever we make mistakes.

Happy Father's Day to all daddies out there! 💕

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