LOH 136: A memory of my childhood, a memory of my life

They said, it's impossible for a man and a woman to stay friends for a long time. It's either they turn out to be lovers or one of them like the other. While this is true to most cases, I don't think it's true to all.


What's your youngest memory?

So I have childhood friends whom I grew up with. I became friends with them because we're living in the same neighbourhood and went to same school (since 5 or 6 years old) . One of my childhood friends is someone I get really close. We went to the same daycare, elementary, highschool, and college is the only time we separated. Even tho we have different class during early academic years, we're still schoolmates and often play together. Actually, our bond get stronger when we entered highschool. During 8th grade (junior high) we're on the same class and his seat is at the back of mine. He is definitely quiet but I am already comfortable with him because we're childhood friends, but not to the extent that I share my teenage secrets during the first 2 years of highschool.

I started to call him "bro" since we made this small circle of family within our seatmates.

From then on, I remember how we become more of "someone I know since childhood" into someone who got each other's back. Not just the typical childhood friends who you can tease, play, and messed up with. I can say we slowly matured together. I can comfortably open up my frustrations to him and give him tantrums from time to timeπŸ˜‚ We both know who likes who. He's like an older brother to me and he treats me like his little sister. I also know his frustrations, heartaches, and his achievements.

We become each other's support system.

When we separated since I studied far from my home town, I know the bond didn't change. We don't communicate often through chat or text messages (even before we're not really into chats, bcoz am lazy haha). We just communicate when it is someone's birthday or finals are approaching so we'll motivate each other to do better. There's just something in us that even though we don't share a lot, we understand one another. Like, we both have our own lives but we know that we're both part of it. Like a real family.

I remember how mad I am when someone ghosted him πŸ‘» because I know all his efforts for that girl, like she could've just end it rather than leaving him hanging. I also got mad with him (my friend) when I saw him hanging out with my ex-suitor, and his new girl, one month after I told my ex-suitor that we should stop because I want to finish my studies first. He said (my friend) he just want to see who's the girl and eventually told me "you're prettier than her, don't worry" I end up laughing πŸ˜„ of course he'll say that, he's mah friend 😌

We experience most of our ups and downs together. Failures and success, plans, and goals. He's planning to work in Singapore after he gained his license because her girlfriend will be working there as well. I am happy for him but I know I'll surely miss him. I am hoping I'll be able to share the Gospel to him more before we part ways.

From my childhood, teenage, and until now on my young adult years, our friendship will always be a good memory to think back on.

I sometimes forgot that we're not related by blood because both of us shared this platonic love and I know for sure we're one of those least cases of friendship between man and woman without any romantic feelings involved.


I am always grateful to have someone like him. A brother from another another parents.

I appreciate a lot, that you've reached this part of the blog! πŸ€—πŸ’—

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