Hello pretty ladies in house. Hope you all are doing great with your lovely family members? I was amazed when I see this week's contest. Well I want write on the 2 topics which says, if I was to be a ghost and can possess poeple what will I make them to do? and what are my most important rules when going on a date.? Hope you will want to know what I will make poeple do if am to be a ghost? If yes, join me as I ride you along.

What I will make poeple do if i am a ghost

Me acting like a ghost 😂

If i am to be a ghost and, have the power to possess poeple, I will make them solve all of my problems. Which includes the following.

Not paying school fees for my daughter:- It has not been easy with me as a single mom to care for myself and my child. And being a lover of education, I will have taken my child in one of the best schools in my country and make the proprietors of the schools not to ask me of school fees lol.

And after that, my child will still attend the best University in the world without me paying anything. And I will make the government to give her a good work without stress.

Have plenty of food in my house without buying them:- Don't laugh at me ooo😅. Things are to cost now. And we need food to survive. Sometimes, we eat what is available not really what we want to eat. So, if am to be a ghost, I will be going to the best eateries to enjoy myself without spending money. I will order them to give me what I need and possess them not to ask me of money. I will equally enter shopping malls, market's, etc to get what I need and possess the sellers mind to to ask for money. I will equally possess my Landlord not to ask me of house rent.

I rob the Bank:- Hahahaha, seriously if am to be a ghost, I will go to the bank and possess the bank manager to give me all the money in the system. By now, I would have finished building my own mansion from the money I collected from the Bank.

I will make my enemies kill themselves:- Seriously, their are poeple who don't want me to enjoy this life. If am to be a ghost, I will possess them to kill themselves.

I have many things to make poeple do if am to be a ghost but let me stop here for now and tell you my important rules when going to a date.

My important rules when going to a date.

Me and my date

You all will agree with me that looking good is a good business. So, going for a date, I will put the following things into consideration.

  • Appear neat and so attractive.
    The first rule is to ion my clothes, clean and polish my shoes. Make sure that I make a beautiful hair style, have portable hand bag and finally before I leave the house, I will rob nice saint deodorant and apply mild and attractive make-up.

  • I will keep the conversation going
    What I meant here is that, when am with my date, I will not keep quiet and allow only him to speak. I will asked him questions about his life, business and family members. Buy so doing, our stay will not be boring.

  • I will be security conscious.
    Many things is happening in the world today and one needs to be at alert every minute of the day. So, if it is my first time of meeting with him, I will let one of my family members or a trusted friend to know about my movement. And ask the person to always reach me on phone to know if am self. Secondly, I will make sure that where we are meeting is an open place. Not in a lodge.

  • I will make him get interest in me.
    Finally, if am in love with him, I will leave memories of me in him. How you may ask? Well the way I will speak about myself will be things that he will be interested to hear. Like, telling him that I don't need problems in my life and am not ready to give my Man a problem, etc. So, all these things will make him to keep thinking about me and want to have me by his side.


Just like I started by telling you what I will make poeple do if am ghost, seriously, I will make any man I love to marry me if I have the power to possess poeple. Haha.

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