Ladies of Hive Community Contest #110. What I have learned and achieve this year.

The year 2022 is really full with ups and downs. I have achieved and learn many things this year. Before I go on with my experiences for this year, I want to say a big congratulations to myself and all the winners of week #109 ladies of his Community contest. In this week contest, am going to write base on the topic that says, share your experience with us about what you have learned and achieve this year as 2022 is coming to an end.

What I have achieved and learned this year

I want to start with my latest achievement of the year which is, coming to know hive. I joined Hive on 1st of November, 2022. Since then, I have been trying to learn the platform. And I asked myself, why are my not here for the past one year?? But coming to realize that #Hive has come to stay, having many things to offer in terms of education, filling your portfolio if you remain consistent and abide by the rules. And that has made me to see hive as one of my achievement's of the year. Since I joined, I have learnt that, my comments are valued here, there are many good friends here who are ready to help me succeed, there are many tokens to earn here, what a great achievement of the year!!!

I learn about crypto currency this year.

Before this year, I have no knowledge about crypto currency because I was not thought about it in school. Apart from that, no one told me about crypto though many are aware of it in my country. When I joined my first crypto based blogging platform last year, I was not properly guided, so I stopped on the way because crypto was sounding so strange to me. But when Mr Valentine became my new neighbor, I always sees him busy with his phone. Sometimes, he doesn't go out but eating. So, I was forced to ask him. Neighbor, what really is your business!! He laughed and told me.

Neighbor, I trade crypto

That was when my interest about crypto began to come up. From him, I began to have knowledge about crypto currency. Though am not yet a crypto expert, but the truth is that am no more a novice when it comes to world of crypto we are leaving today. It was a great achievement and lesson for the year.

With my crypto mentor Mr Valentine.

Here ๐Ÿ‘‡is my greatest achievement's of the year.

My life is my greatest achievement's of the year. If am not alive, I will not be able to here to share this stories with you. I have faced with many challenges this year, but the almighty God keep on protecting me and my family. I haven't lost any of my family members to the hands of death. Because of that, I say May all the glory and honor be to the most high God. And I pray that all of us will see the end of this year and many more years to come. AMEN

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