Ladies of Hive Community Contest #109. How to celebrate my last birthday and why.

Death is the last word I will like to hear during discussion. Though some person's sees it as their last options when facing challenges. That's why we hear several stories of poeple who took their own life's just to end their problems. Though we can't run away from death, it's reall and can knock on our door uninvited. That's why many are afraid of death. Personally, am not afraid of death but, I don't want to die now because, I have loved ones around who will feel my departure and, I don't want to miss them now. But, if it happens that, it's my last birthday, how will I celebrate it and why??

How to celebrate my last birthday.


The holy book made it clear that, the day of our death is better than the day of our birth. Knowing it too well that it's my last birthday day will prompt me to put things in order. How do I mean by that? First, I will make sure I settle all the dept am owing to poeple. Secondly, I will make proper arrangements for my dear daughter because I wouldn't want her to suffer. In that my arrangements for my child, I will my hand her over to a caring family member or a trusted friend. Then, all my properties will be documented by my lawyer so that when she comes of age, she can claim ownership of those things I left behind.

After that, I will organise a large party for myself, family members and friends. I will equally invite my enemies in other to make peace with them. I will drink and eat to my satisfaction. Though am not good at taking drink's but I will test different kinds of drinks that very day. I will make peace with everyone. And share lovely moments we have had together. At the end, I will console everyone not to miss or cry much if am gone.


Am not good in dancing but on my last birthday, I will dance ooo. Infact, I will call for musicians to come and play and dance with me. I will also invite comedians to make me and others laugh for the last time. But why all these arrangements and celebration's. It's my last birthday on eath. I want to rest in peace when I get there. That's why I want to make peace with all and make sure I secured the future of my child. As for the foods, no eating in the grave yard, so, I need to get filled before leaving the world.

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