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Today, am writing an article whose #QOTW has been dropped by the ladiesofhive community contest, without so much ado let's dive into it!

Question 1: What was the most devastating event in your life? Express your feelings and how you coped.

I have always believed that life has no thorns from its rose, at least that was when I had no idea that things could ever go south for me, growing up seems like a burden to me cause I realized the trouble I saved my parents from! (an unending responsibility).

As beautiful as life may be, I wasn't prepared to be devastated at all! It almost ruined me! I was formatted, much more like erased from this world with zero memory of who I am!...

...I am the first daughter of a family of 8, including my parents. My Dad is always the busy bee with no time for family gatherings, often on a business trip! My mom, on the other hand, is a trader in the market!
By the time she is home, I have already made dinner and served my siblings then served hers too and did the dishwashing together. Most times when dad comes back, she must have been back to the house to make a delicious meal, perhaps his favorite to entertain him and welcome him upon his arrival...

...My immediate younger brother, “my dad's pride” sticks around with him, talking, playing virtual games, asking numerous questions, and going on rides with him...

...Since I was older than him, my mom looked up to me as their second mother to watch over them while she was away, days kept unfolding until my dad traveled again and my brother fell sick, we took him to the clinic, ran some test on him to ensure eligible treatments and medicines to be taken, in few days he was discharged and brought home...

...He requests that he goes out to see his friends including his girlfriend, which he did. No one was restricted from his or her movements of course. He did come back early and went to bed, just around midnight, I heard a scream from his room I rushed with my sleepy eyes, the shriek made me my mom jumped out of the bed as the cry lead her to his room, to my greatest surprise, my brother was on the floor convulsing and struggling for his life. Normally, I would look for a spoon and put it in his mouth to prevent it from gnashing together but instead, it wasn't available closeby so I used my four fingers inside his mouth, I hold the strong bite as long as it takes to get a spoon and fix in his mouth, I was in pain but the risk of losing him was more painful...

...In a short time, he was a bit stable that was when we carried him to the car and drove him to the clinic at exact 1:30 am, no one cared what would happen on the road, we were concerned about his condition, and I loved him and wouldn't want to lose him... sniffles! memories like this hurt

...Sudden incident that occurred didn't make me realize what I was putting on “a night wear that was so transparent with no undie inside” but who cares right? Back to the clinic, he was attended to immediately as his case was crucial. I used cold water soaked inside a small towel to dab on his face repeatedly, this was according to the nurse's instructions, and he had a burning temperature...

...We were all awake from the time we brought him to the clinic till 6:30 am. I had to tell my mom to take a nap so she could rest! At exactly 8:00 am the doctor called us and after the brief hearings he discharge us and recommend we go to a general hospital woah 😨 tears roll down my cheekbones because I know the percentage of losing my beloved brother was high and it was the only intervention of God could help! Immediately I wiped my tears and pretended not to have shed any and encouraged Mom and co to prepare him while I made reservations for a taxi!...

...In no due time, we left. I carried my brother in my arms although he was bigger than me. I found a way to hold him and kept talking to him to have the patience that everything would be okay. He was looking at me smiling and we were almost at the general hospital. He was still! His body was a bit cold, his eyes sank inside a bit. I thought he was sleeping, I called him, tapped him and even whispered to him but there was no reply!.. I was thinking, is this death? Is he gone! My mom was there but couldn't talk, my uncle did the same thing! I never believed their silence to be taken for the truth which was in fact a reality!...

...Emergency! Emergency!! I was yelling! The Warden brought out the hospital stretcher and they took him inside after a few minutes of cross-checking him, they gave us the news that he had passed away! I shouted at the top of my voice and fainted! I have never experienced death this close before! According to my mom, they took me inside the hospital and did their medical things and I was on a drip after an hour I was up! When I woke up, I was calling my brother's name because the last thing I remembered was when they were taking him to the cold room. I was panting heavily and the nurse told me to rest, but it just seems that I do not care what they say...

...I unplugged the syringe planted inside my hand and began walking out like a dumb person, sniffles, I looked at my hand blood was dropping out little by little but I wasn't concerned at all! I had all eyes on me, I felt useless and weakened from my soul, my jaw dropped, and I looked like a moron as I walked out of the hospital in search of solace and tranquility....(I took a moment off because I was sobbing quietly and sniffing). I walked and walked, I cared about absolutely nothing!! I hear the wails of people who lost theirs too! I cried and it looked like my world had ended, for a second I asked, “why am I living”. I sat down on the floor facing the busy road as I sunk into my suicidal thoughts, I forgot I was existing honestly, my brother was my strength!...

...I cuddled myself in desolation, the honking of cars, people walking steps, motorcycle roaring engines all those sounds were just mumbling, all I could hear louder was just me and depressing thoughts as I crumble deeper, few people were talking to me but I couldn't hear anyone until my mom slapped me so hard that I came back to my senses, I was indeed lost! She cried and said “ Do you want me to lose you too? ”. I looked at her with teary eyes and said “ No ” and she drew me along as she walked into the hospital to pay for dues!...

...To be frankly speaking, I couldn't remember my name, or where I was from. My memory was erased, I felt I was another person. I literally forgot how to spell words, after some months, she enrolled me back in school and gradually I picked up in school!...

How I coped

After my school enrollment, I engaged in extra tutorials to boost my intellect. I wrote my exams and I passed. But one thing was never the same, I became lonely and I realized that one day my mom might be gone and so are others I love and cherish, so what's in it for me?

But they say times fly, indeed it did!
I moved to my mom's sister's house and lived there for a while and came back to my sweet home cause there is no place like your home...

My pen stopped here because I can't continue not after refreshing memories that were painful! The most painful and devastating event is the demise of your beloved!


Thanks for reading this piece!


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