Saving lives #staysafeknowwhattodo


Its that time of the year again. Renew the medical aid licence. The fact that it can save lives is the only thing I am doing it for. Every year you have to do the exam and enter a course. It will take 3 hours and is just nesseccary I think.


The Covid was the reason last time all was very different and maybe the luck of interest to proceed mouth to mouth in times where 1,5 meter distance and a mouthpiece were needed is the reason I think today only 16 people are here.


The exam will also be part of the possibility to be a first responder in a team app. The app registrates the 911 calls for assistance when an ambulance is on it’s way, but not near. The city centres are often busy and the fact that people can start with and saving life , cpr or mouth to mouth.


We also did the module baby’s and children belong 12 years. All in all a great day and I passed.


Have a great weekend and stay safe !

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